A retired teacher writes:

Education is the only field in which people (i.e., teachers) are moved around like chess pawns, often at the whim of
administrators. Would a law firm tell a lawyer who specialized in real estate law to switch to labor law? Would a hospital or medical group tell a gastroenterologist to become an ob/gyne? And yet, we have teachers (like me–duly certified, in numerous areas–because I taught special ed. and I continued to take classes so that I could better help my students in the evolving world of disabilities, inclusion,
RTI, etc.) who are moved from early childhood classes to middle
school, because, “Oh, you are such a wonderful teacher–you could teach anyone!” And, then, when you are not quite the teacher they cracked you up to be, they criticize you, make your life miserable (and this from other teachers!), and–instead of placing you back in the job for which you trained and were extremely successful in–they
transfer you somewhere else because NO ONE  “wanted” to teach
that class in that school! (This was successfully fought–and won!–
thanks to the union contract!) Further, in the last job (which lasted
twenty years), it took at least three years to gain the expertise.
Lucky for all concerned that it stretched to seventeen more. What a
gain for the students and parents!