A reader in Louisiana points out that the research I cited this morning was prepared by a 19-year-old who is fighting for quality education and real science education, not religious indoctrination. This is an uphill battle in Louisiana today, in light of the state’s decision to give public funding to schools that teach creationism as science.

 The young man whose blog you cited, Zach Kopplin – 19,  is a shining example of the ability and power that our youth have when they speak out and take action against injustice and just plain bad policy.   Zach has recorded a video for me to share at the Save Our Schools People’s Convention August 3-5 explaining his work to repeal Louisiana’s Creationist law when it was proposed. I will publish it on my blog as soon as it is edited and ready.  Zach testified yesterday at our Board of Education meeting when our Supt. John White presented his worthless accountability plan for private and parochial schools that received vouchers.   His testimony that many of the approved receiving schools bypass the proper teaching of science and replace it with creationism was compelling and presents the case that they are therefore unqualified to receive public funding because their curricula would not meet the “quality” criterion.    It should be one of the issues that is presented in the lawsuit filed by two of our state unions and a group of district school boards against the new voucher legislation.