John White spelled out the rules for nonpublic schools receiving vouchers, and few if any will be held accountable for student performance.

Most of the students taking public money with them are in kindergarten, first and second grades, where they are not tested.

And there will be no consequences for the voucher schools if their students fail:

White’s plan requires voucher students in grades 3-11 to take standardized tests like public school students, including the LEAP exam taken by fourth- and eighth-graders take. [But not all the students in the school.]

However, unlike public school students voucher recipients will not be required to pass LEAP to move to the next grade.

Private schools will not get letter grades, which their public school counterparts do.

The Reuters story about the voucher system spells it out: Even if students fail the state tests,there will be no accountability for the private schools.

Now we begin to understand what the voucher program is about.

It is not about helping the children. They can continue to fail and the state doesn’t care.

It is not about improving public education, as the money will come out of the public schools’ budget.

It is not about accountability, as the voucher schools won’t’ be held accountable.

So what is it really about? Is it about defunding public education? Is it about “choice” for the sake of choice, without regard to the consequences?

What’s the point?