Jason Stanford wrote a blistering critique of the misuse of testing in Texas and Sandy Kress responded. Sandy Kress was the architect of No Child Left Behind, which imposed a testing regime on the entire nation. Kress is now a lobbyist for testing giant Pearson.

Stanford summarized his original column, called “Let Them Eat Tests,” as follows:

  1. Texas taxpayers are paying Pearson $470 million for the STAAR test.
  2. Sandy Kress, the father of No Child Left Behind, lobbies for Pearson in Texas.
  3. The school taxes I pay fund a system that corrupts the classroom experience for my two sons who attend an elementary school in Austin by requiring them to learn test-taking skills to pass Sandy Kress’ tests.
  4. Sandy Kress, enriched in very small part by my tax dollars, chooses to send his children to private schools where they don’t have to take his standardized tests.

Kress took this as a personal attack, as well as an attack on the concept on the value of testing and accountability. Read his response. In fact, read the whole exchange. It is a very thorough airing of important issues that concern every state and every citizen these days.