What are the similarities between Mitt Romney and Rahm Emanuel? True, they have different party labels but their education policies are eerily alike. A writer in Chicago showed the contradictions in this brilliant and hilarious article.

Historians in the future (the future meaning maybe later this year or next, now that we live at warp speed and last week seems like 50 years ago) will puzzle out why President Obama decided to build his education program (Race to the Top) on the crumbling foundation of No Child Left Behind. They will also have to figure out why he decided to throw teachers and their unions (arguably his most ardent supporters in 2008) under the bus. And they will probably trace the trail to campaign contributions to Wall Street, which is likely to abandon him in 2012.

It’s not too late for him to change course. He could re-renergize his base. He could rekindle the love of teachers in a millisecond if he could stop the flawed ideas embedded in Race to the Top: that teachers should be judged by the test scores of their students, that federal programs created to help the poor should be turned into competitions, that public dollars should be handed over to private management as often as possible, that the federal government needs to create a data base for every student from cradle to grave, and that the best way to help students is to test them at the earliest possible age.

I get emails every day from teachers who say they are puzzled, they are angry, they are outraged by the Obama policies. They can’t vote for Romney, because he openly hates them and their unions.

Mr. President, if you or your staff read this, please take heed: Drop the Republican education policies. They haven’t worked for the past decade. They are ruining education and demoralizing teachers.