During the current era of educational madness, we celebrate every bit of good news.

In Florida, which is under the control of a Tea Party zealot who is under the control of former Governor Jeb Bush whose brain is fixated on defunding public education and testing everything that moves, there is a glimmer of good news.

The state board of education upheld the decision of the Miami-Dade school board to deny an application from three virtual charter schools, which were connected to for-profit behemoth K12.

For now, this profit center is off the radar. But only for now.

At the same meeting of the state board, there was a robust discussion about how to fund merit pay. When the legislature decided it was a great idea, they didn’t appropriate any money to pay for it and told the districts to pay for it themselves, even as their budgets were shrinking. Nowhere in the discussion, at least as reported in the newspaper article, does any board member question the basic idea behind merit pay: Will teachers work harder? If they do, does that mean there will be more teaching to the test? With FCAT in disrepute and so many local boards passing resolutions against it, is this a good idea? Do rising scores mean better education?

Let’s be content to take one small victory at a time.