Darcie Cimarusti is a mother in New Jersey. She is not a teacher. She does not belong to a teacher’s union. She cares about public education. She became active as “mother crusader” in the last year or so, and she has demonstrated the amazing power of an informed citizen.

She has a voice and a blog. She speaks out. She does research. She is heard. She is making a difference.

When I travel and speak, people often say to me, “what can I do? how can I help? what role is there for a solitary citizen?”

In the future, I will point to Mother Crusader Darcie Cimarusti. With her one voice, she has the politicians in New Jersey reading and quaking. She is exposing the facts, and that terrifies them. She is an investigative reporter without pay or portfolio.

Read this and tell me if you agree that this is the most amazing story you have read this day, maybe this week.

There is a stink of moral corruption here. Maybe other kinds as well.

As Jersey Jazzman said in his comment on this blog, New Jersey’s school politics today is “a cesspool.”