I have posted a few articles about the sham education offered in cybercharters, which have only one great benefit: They make big money for their sponsors.

One of the worst is ECOT–the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow–which rakes in millions despite its high attrition rates and the terrible performance of its students. The owner of ECOT gives generously to Republican politicians, and they in turn favor ECOT. The scariest thought is that this might be the “classroom of tomorrow,” and if it is, our nation is in deep trouble.

I got this email today:

As a former ECOT teacher, I can definitely say that the school is a joke and a waste of taxpayer dollars for the majority of students who attend. Money is spent holding huge professional development sessions several times a year that do little than repeat the things heard at the previous sessions. Student performance is abysmal and administration does nothing to curb truancy. You can log in every 29 days, do no work and absolutely nothing happens. They try to push horrible grading policies, such as a 35% in each quarter = a 70% for the year = passing the class with a C.