A reader tells me that Mitt Romney will be speaking at the Press Club in Baton Rouge on Monday.

I hope that journalists in Louisiana are ready to ask him some tough questions.

Ask him if he approves of using taxpayer dollars to send children to religious schools.

Ask him if he approves of spending public money to send kids to schools that teach creationism, not evolution.

Ask him if he knows that New Orleans is the next to the lowest scoring district in the state.

Ask him if he knows that 79% of the charters in New Orleans were graded either with a D or an F by the state.

Ask him if he knows that online for-profit charter schools get terrible test scores, low graduation rates, and have a high dropout rate.

Ask him if he thinks that the funding for vouchers and charters and online schools and for-profit vendors should come right out of the minimum funding for public schools.

Ask him if he has any ideas about how to help public schools, where the vast majority of children are students, because Governor Jindal does not.

And while you are at it, ask him if he knows that the NAEP test scores in reading and math for American children are the highest in American history, for every group, white, black, Hispanic, and Asian.

And be sure to ask him what he plans to do to help reduce the high cost of college (his answer: nothing, other than to hand student loans over to private banks).