The emergency manager in Muskegon Heights school district in Michigan has decided to turn the public schools over to for-profit charter operator Mosaica Learning of Atlanta.

Mosaica schools in Michigan do better than the schools of Muskegon Heights, but have low performance in comparison to schools in the rest of the county. Test scores in Muskegon Heights were so low that almost anyone would have better scores.

The emergency manager said, in announcing his decision: “Mosaica will be a strong partner within the Muskegon Heights community. They have a proven business plan, an innovative curriculum that includes online learning and foreign language beginning in kindergarten, and a concrete plan for student safety that includes cameras in every classroom and hallway.”

Not everyone has such a high opinion of Mosaica. See here and here.

It’s hard to understand how a corporate charter chain expects to make a profit in a district whose schools ran a deficit.

Muskegon Heights is a small district, and now Mosaica will have a chance to show what it can do.