From a reader: & Students First are STILL at it! Yet ANOTHER Students First petition is attached to a valid one. This petition is titled
“Good Teachers Deserve Decent Pay.” REALLY??  Can someone out there get them to stop loading these phony petitions? It
says that 1,300,000+ people signed!!! To whoever can do anything–THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Note: I am still a “member” of StudentsFirst, having signed a petition without knowing that I was joining an organization that I did not wish to join.

I assume that a significant portion of the alleged 1.3 million “members” are like me. I’m guessing that over one  million of her supposed members are like me: Duped into joining.

Don’t count anyone as a member who has not knowingly signed up.

I have been listed by StudentsFirst as a “member” for over a year without knowing about it. It was only when I complained on this blog about Change.Org facilitating this deception that a staff member of Change.Org contacted me, and in an exchange of emails, told me that I had signed one of the petitions that made me a “member.”

Shame on StudentsFirst for continuing to deceive innocent people who want to show their support for teachers, not to join Michelle Rhee’s campaign to undermine the teaching profession and promote the privatization of public education. And shame on Change.Org for allowing this deception to continue on their website.