A judge in North Carolina turned down K12″s application to open a cyber charter in that state.

In doing so, the judge sided with the North Carolina Department of Education, which did want to approve the request.

As the story explains, there were many questions about the cyber charter, including the fact that its educational record is not impressive.

In fact, its educational record is downright unimpressive. As I said in an earlier blog, granting this charter would add to the coffers of the publicly-traded for-profit corporation that runs the cyber charters, but would have drained money from NC’s public schools and provided an inferior education. In short, it would have been a waste of taxpayers’ money. And a bad decision for children.

Happily, the court did the right thing. It’s nice to have some good news at the end of the school year, or any other time, for that matter.

The judge protected the children of North Carolina.