A reader writes in response to the blog about the fraud that teachers are compelled to be complicit in, by passing students who have not done the work, by meeting quotes or face punishment:

Our entire school structure is a compliance-based model, where time is constant and learning is the variable. It is based on handing out penalties to students when they are out of compliance and don’t perform at the same level as their chronological peers. More than anything in the history of American education, NCLB has served to further advance a concept of “do this or we will punish you,” by not only labeling students as failures for not adhering to the compliance model and keeping up with their classmates, but doing the same to teachers and schools. Public education has become a barbaric system of mental whips and chains. Why wouldn’t people be compelled to cheat to get higher scores and inflate to “produce” higher grades when the entire system is based on “do this or we will punish you.”

Instead of focusing on reform efforts that eliminate the outdated structures in K-12 education, including the mountains of useless federal and state regulations that perpetuate a dead system, we’re too focused on taking people to the dungeon and torturing them into improvement or else. “What, you failed 5th grade? On the rack with you! The pain will continue until you start learning!”

We are truly a sick people.

Do you agree?