I opened up my New York Times and was surprised to find a full-page ad sponsored by the College Board attacking American education.

The ad showed a graphic in which “national security,” “jobs,” “healthcare,” and the “economy” rest upon a base of “education,” but the base is cracking.

The ad says: “Our future depends on the strength of our education system. But that system is crumbling.”

The ad then says “Help make education a higher priority in the presidential campaign. Go to DontForgetEd.org,” a website with very little content.

Why is the College Board spreading lies about our education system?

Who is paying for these ads?

Is the College Board mounting this campaign because David Coleman, the architect of the Common Core standards, is about to become its president?

What is their purpose other than to defame our nation’s hard-working educators?

If any readers can find a way to start a petition campaign to complain to the College Board, let me know.

They stink.