The annual meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors unanimously passed a resolution endorsing the so-called parent trigger idea.

The parent trigger means that 51% of parents at a school can sign a petition, and as the Reuters article about it said, “seize control” of the school.

Once the parents have seized control, with the endorsement of the mayors, they can fire the staff or hand the school over to a charter corporation. In other words, they can seize public property and privatize it.

This is nuts.

The parent trigger idea was hatched by a group called “Parent Revolution,” which is richly endowed by the billionaire boys’ club: the Gates Foundation, the Broad Foundation, and the Walton Foundation. These are not what you call ordinary parents. I expect there are paid parents on its staff, but it is not what you would call a grassroots group. Its executive director, Ben Austin, was appointed to the California State Board of Education by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, but removed by Governor Jerry Brown.

When Republicans in Florida tried to push through parent trigger legislation, it was opposed by Florida parent groups. The sponsors had to import Parent Revolution staff from California to endorse it. The bill failed.

The parent trigger is a hoax against parents. In two years since the law was passed in California, not a single school went charter.

But who knows? Maybe hundreds of thousands of schools will be taken over by parents and handed off to for-profit charter organizations.

Sorry to repeat myself, but this is nuts.