An earlier post described the four-step polka in North Carolina enroute to destroying public education, demoralizing teachers, and enriching the private vendors.

Here is a suggestion by another reader, who says it actually is a five-step process.

1.  Under-fund/STARVE the schools financially
2.  Overcrowd the classrooms, reduce programs, supplies
3.  Fail the public school using NCLB and/or Race to the Top laws leaving the public school in death-throws
4.  Sell the school to private charters
5.  Public school, Dead On Arrival

Who are the criminals?

Corporate Education DeFormers, privatizers, Democrats for Education Reform, and the GOP.  Neo-Liberals and Neo-Conservatives have joined together to tag-team as partners in the killing of public education.  We know the list.

I would change point 4 to read: Give the school away to private charters, to for-profit corporations, to online for-profit vendors, and to any business or religious group that wants to open a school, either in person or online.