Responding to a third-grade teacher who despaired of complying with all the demands pressing on her, this reader asks the best question of all: why is this hard-working, dedicated, conscientious teacher compelled to satisfy Bill and Melinda Gates? Frankly, the same question occurred to me but this reader asked it better than I.

How did the world become so topsy-turvy that these two individuals have become the arbiters of good teaching when neither of them was ever a teacher?

Granted, they are extremely rich. But I’m willing to bet that neither would last a day in any third-grade classroom. Who put them in charge of the teaching profession? How did they get the power to decide who is and is not an effective teacher? What is the source of their presumed expertise? Why should  every teacher in the land feel that they must please Bill and Melinda?

The question of the day, then, is this: