I just got a great comment on an earlier post this morning. It is a great comment because it proves to me that the corporate reform movement is on the move and must be stopped before it wipes out public education. Here we see the nefarious hand of Boston Consulting, already at work dismantling  public education in Philadelphia, now bringing their corporate wizardry to Memphis. Why don’t these guys fix American business? Have they forgotten the catastrophic collapse of the stock market in 2008, brought on by excessive deregulation? What makes them believe that add any value to education?

I have been reading your blog for some time. Whether it is Philadelphia, New York, Camden or other system being “reformed”, Memphis is a twin. We just received our teacher evaluation scores that unfortunately include the ridiculous “stakeholder perceptions” as 5% of our score. What you said in this post is exactly what we are experiencing. To make things even more ridiculous, our teachers were given their ratings with last year’s value added data even though it is this year’s data that actually counts. We will all get new scores sometime this summer when the beloved Pearson and Randa Corp. get the data reports finished. Teachers are being threatened, intimidated and maligned in the media here based on evaluation ratings that are completely trumped up. Through all of this Boston Consulting is advising a planning commission charged with “unifying” our city and county school systems. This is of course a front for dismantling our urban system and turning it over to charters and other entities including those associated with the Gulen movement. I read my life everyday in your posts.