No sooner did I blog to question the reformers’ end game than NYC teacher Marc Epstein, who has a doctorate in history, wrote to remind me that he had already asked and answered that question a year ago on Huffington Post.

Marc has lived through the closure of Jamaica High School, the school where he taught social studies for many years. He has seen barely controlled chaos as small schools were opened to replace a comprehensive high school that was once one of the city’s best. but which was turned into a dumping ground by the Department of Education.

Is he right? Has anyone in the reform camp thought through what our schools will look like after teachers have lost tenure, are stripped of all job protections, have seen their pensions and health benefits cut? Have they thought about what kinds of teachers are eager to be evaluated based on the test scores of students? Or what public education will be after the widespread adoption of privately-managed charters and of vouchers for all? Can they point to a nation that is doing these things? Do they have any idea how their ideas will change the lives of real people?

Have they thought about the consequences for other people’s children? Or the consequences for our society?