I just read an astonishing article by John White, the young TFA/Broad superintendent of Louisiana. He says that public school districts do a better job of providing pre-K schooling than other providers. http://www.theadvertiser.com/article/20120507/OPINION/205070301/John-White-Make-important-changes-pre-K-education. This is the same John White who works for Governor Bobby Jindal, the hero of the privatization movement. This is the same John White that travels the state advocating for vouchers and charters so that poor kids in “failing” schools (the majority of children in Louisiana) can flee to private schools. This is the same John White who, when he worked in New York City, used to measure public schools to make room for privately managed charters.

But now he says, for reasons unknown, that district schools do a better job for pre-kindergarten children in readying them for kindergarten. My friends in Louisiana tell me that the Legislature plans to mandate pre-K but to provide no funding for it. It’s a great idea to mandate pre-kindergarten, but why not fund it? Why another unfunded mandate?

And why is John White now putting down the private providers of pre-K at the same time that his administration is launching the nation’s most far-reaching privatization scheme for K-12?

If anyone can figure this out, please let me know.