This is one of the most startling stories you ever will read about political corruption in Florida. It was written by Ryan Grim for Intercept.

“The Villages” is a huge retirement community in Florida that votes Republican. The family that started it controls the community newspaper and pipes in FOX News to all public facilities. It plans to expand, and it raised property taxes by 25% to finance the expansion. This made many residents unhappy. A slate of elderly rebels ran to join the board that makes decisions. The rebels won. The developers (aka “The Family”) had to put down the rebellion. The developers are big contributors to Governor DeSantis.

By the end of the story, one of the rebels was in jail, and two were removed from office by the Governor. The tax hike went into effect, peace was restored, and the new development went forward.

Read it.

It begins:

THE TROUBLE BEGAN in 2019 when residents of The Villages were suddenly hit with a 25 percent hike in their property taxes. In the master-planned retirement community of 130,000 across Sumter, Lake, and Marion counties in central Florida, many are on fixed incomes. The math they had done in plotting out their golden years had not accounted for a massive jump in taxes.