New Hampshire’s state motto is ”Live Free or Die.” For reasons explained in this article, New Hampshire became a magnet for libertarians whose goal was to abolish government. Last year, The New Republic published a delightful article by Patrick Blanchfield about Grafton, New Hampshire, a town that went libertarian and was soon overrun by a hungry and bold bear population. Certain conveniences are sacrificed in a town, and now a state, where the highest ideal for large numbers of people is the lowest possible taxes.

While Grafton strived to be a Free Town, free of regulations, with low taxes, and a limited government. other libertarians had a bigger dream: to turn NewHampshire into a Free State. The article cited here describes this project and attributes it to a young academic named Jason Sorens. His idea was that a relatively small number of libertarian activists could move to a small state, take over its government, and implement their ideas. it has happened in New Hampshire. The libertarians now control the Republican Party, which controls the state.

In 2003, libertarians formed the NH Liberty Alliance, which rates legislators based on their adherence to libertarian principles.

The Liberty Alliance has since shed its nonpartisan guise to become the dominant bloc within the House Republican caucus. This year, the alliance gave 150 representatives “A“ grades and another 45 received a “B” for voting as recommended on between 87 and 100 percent of 49 tracked bills. All were Republicans.

In fact, among House Republicans, only eight received the lowest score. In other words, 195 members of the caucus, which numbered 213 when the session began and 211 when it ended, aligned themselves closely with the alliance. The “nonpartisan” alliance has placed itself at the forefront of the partisan contest.

Meanwhile, of the 177 Democrats, 18 were given a “D” grade and 24 received an “F,” while the other 135 were graded “CT,” or “constitutional threat,” and “considered unfaithful to their oath of office to uphold the New Hampshire Constitution and the principle of liberty.”

Candidates endorsed by the Liberty Alliance have received financial support from national political committees — Make Liberty Win and Americans for Prosperity — which together spent some $1.4 million on New Hampshire legislative races in 2020.

Americans for Prosperity is the name of the Koch network.

“The liberty movement has made a lot of progress,” Sorens said, highlighting the reduction in both business and property taxes, repeal of the interest and dividends tax and introduction of an expansive school choice program in the last legislative session. He also pointed to legislation repealing the certificate of need process, granting the right to carry a firearm without a license, deregulating home-schooling, reforming civil asset forfeiture, restricting eminent domain, decriminalizing marijuana possession, allowing medicinal marijuana and easing regulation of micro- and nanobreweries.