After watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC on Friday night, I stay tuned for a documentary called “As I See It.” It is a great show and I urge you to look for it as it will likely be repeated.

It’s the story of Pete Souza, the White House photographer for Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. Lots of unscripted moments with both, behind the scenes banter, intimate photos.

When Pete starts talking about Obama, he shows pictures that bring back vivid memories: Obama playing with his daughters. Obama bending down so a little black boy could touch his hair and see it was just like his. Obama visiting with families two days after the Sandy Hook massacre, hugging a bereft mother. Obama addressing the nation about the slaughter of 6-year-olds and wiping tears from his eyes. Obama at the Charleston church where Dylan Roof murdered the minister and members of a prayer group, speaking to a packed house and singing “Amazing Grace.” Obama meeting with the families of military who died in combat and sharing their grief.

What comes through strongly is that we have a president right now who is incapable of empathy, incapable of consoling a grieving parent, incapable of bantering with a child, incapable of any human feeling.

it is a very moving documentary and I urge you to find it and watch it. It reminds us of what compassion, intelligence, and humor in the White House looks like.

I think Trump is an Android. Or is that an insult to Androids?