The Lincoln Project is a group of prominent Republicans who have concluded that Donald Trump is an incompetent and dangerous President. It has produced a series of commercials attacking Trump and places them on FOX News and other conservative media platforms.

Here is their latest anti-Trump ad.

One of the leading figures supporting the Lincoln Project is George T. Conway III, husband of Trump’s senior advisor,
KellyAnne Conway.

George Conway’s tweets are a source of great amusement. The other day, Trump tweeted that two years from now, he would be in Alaska campaigning to defeat Senator Lisa Murkowski, who dared to express her doubts about Trump after he was criticized by General Mattis, his former chief of staff. George Conway tweeted in response to Trump that the conditions of his parole were unlikely to make him available to campaign in Alaska. He tweeted, “frankly I don’t see how you’d be eligible for parole by then.”