G.F. Brandenburg cites Jared Yates Sexton’s “American Rule: How a Nation Conquered the a World But Failed Its People.”

I am not sure what part of the essay is Sexton and what part is Brandenburg. It almost doesn’t matter because the point is well made, that MAGA is a fascist movement. Trump’s many references to his genetic superiority, to “good blood,” “good bloodline” are unsubtle references to a fascistic philosophy of white supremacy. Sexton is a writer who has drawn the ire of the MAGA crowd. Sexton learned that if you correctly name Trump’s racist, anti-Semitic tweets, you can expect to be called a dirty Jew (he is a southern Baptist).

Considering Trump believes in inherent superiority and has shown himself as an unrepentant white supremacist you need to understand that fascism can exist without uniforms, torch-lit rallies, military insignia, and overt displays of fascism.

It is a philosophy, a worldview.
When we’re talking about walls against immigrants, we’re talking about protecting against “the rising tide of color against white supremacy.”

We’re talking about protecting white people, who are inherently “superior” from stock that would hurt their blood and culture.

When we’re talking about “Make America Great Again,” we’re talking about reaffirming white supremacy in our laws and culture.

We’re talking about white supremacy in action and in practice as the right and true nature of the world and in defeating attacks against it.

Trump’s politics shares a direct “bloodline” with the politics of Lindbergh and white supremacist authoritarians. It even uses the same phrases, the same stances, the same philosophy of how the world works and that some are inherently better than others.

That…is fascism.

These things are glaringly obvious when you know the history. You can hear what Trump is saying, what he’s hinting toward with remarks about Ford and bloodlines and “good people.”

It is a worldview that is inherently prejudiced and inherently white supremacist.

The problem is that American history is scrubbed clean of its fascistic and white supremacist elements in its common teaching.

This is on purpose and it is meant to propel the myth of American Exceptionalism and hide our generations’ of crimes.

And when American history is scrubbed clean of its crimes and stains, what happens is that the myth grows into a political and secular religion.

That’s what Trumpism is. A concentrated and dedicated fight to protect white supremacy and the altered reality that aids it.

Make no mistake, fascism is not relegated to an aberration in the 20th century in Europe.

Fascism is part of the human condition and can happen anywhere, including America, which has a rich and frightening fascist history.

Unfortunately, we’re seeing that now.
You have to learn this history, the real history of America, to understand where we’ve come from, where we are, and where we’re going.

There’s nothing innocuous about Trump, Trumpism, or this fascistic rhetoric. It’s a call to our past and unfortunately our future.