Jan Resseger writes here about gridlock in the Ohio State Senate. The Senate is supposed to review its dramatic expansion of the state voucher program by April 1, but action has been stalled by the coronavirus crisis. Based on faulty data, the state is over-identifying good public schools as “failing” in order to divert public funds to religious schools.

Why don’t public education advocates organize a referendum on vouchers? If Ohio is like every other state that has held a referendum, vouchers would be rejected by at least 65% of voters. In the last state referendum on 2018, voters in Arizona rejected vouchers by 65%-35%. The governor (a Koch stooge) and klegislatire are trying for more vouchers again (this time to give vouchers to students who go to school in other states!), and public education allies are organizing another referendum, using people power to stop money power.

Why not do the same in Ohio?