The survivors of the Parkland (Florida) massacre created an organization called March for Our Lives, which pulled together a massive event on the Mall in DC in a few weeks after the shootings.

At the time, Trump promised swift action, then changed his mind, and nothing changed. Since then there have been other mass murders with assault weapons, and once again Trump promises to act, the NRA tells him to stand down, and Trump caves.

Now the March for Our Lives has presented its gun control:

The plan offers the group’s most detailed outline to date of what laws it thinks needs to happen at that level. Described as “a Green New Deal, but for guns,” by one of the organization’s key leaders, it calls on policymakers to:

Pass a federal ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. (A previous federal ban on these expired in 2004.)

Create a national gun buy-back and disposal program to implement that ban.

Create a national licensing system for guns, including limiting firearm purchases to one a month and prohibiting online sales.

Raising the minimum age of gun possession to 21. (Long guns can be purchased at younger ages in many states.)

Create a federal “red flag” law to disarm individuals who are a danger to themselves or to others.

Establish a new National Director of Gun Violence Prevention in the White House who reports directly to the president.

Use a multiagency approach to declare an emergency around gun violence and invest millions in research to address gun violence. (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is currently proscribed from studying gun violence.)

Improve policing and expand suicide prevention and mental and behavioral health programs.
Hold the national gun industry to account by investigating the National Rifle Association, regulating the gun industry, and making a push to revisit Second Amendment jurisprudence.
Institute automatic voter registration for young people.

The plan comes just weeks after a series of mass shootings, in El Paso, Texas; Dayton, Ohio; and Gilroy, Calif. And 23 people have been killed or injured in school shootings in 2019 so far, according to Education Week’s continually updated tracker of school shootings.