A judge in Arkansas rejected the effort by Walmart (owned by the richest family in the nation, the Waltons) reduce their property taxes.

Max Brantley of the Arkansas Times writes:

County Judge Barry Hyde, sitting as the county court in considering appeals of appraisals of property for tax purposes, held that Walmart had failed to meet the burden of proof to reduce the assessor’s valuation of the property, and thus its tax bill in the county by about $4.5 million. The reduction would mostly be felt by public school districts, but city and county governments, libraries and Arkansas Children’s Hospital as well.

Walmart is attempting this theory all across the country. Its “dark store” theory is that its stores, even though currently immensely profitable, would have far less value for any other purpose if vacant and have also been negatively affected by Internet competition.

This is an interesting theory. If my house were vacant, it would havelessvalue so I should have my property taxes reduced even if my house is not vacant.

Why does the Walton Family want to reduce their taxes? They increase their wealth by $4 million an hour!

Why do they think it just to cut public school funding and other public services solely to enrich them?

Taxes are the price we pay for civilization. Clearly the mega billionaire Walton Family believes that civilization is not necessary so long as they can find people to work for them at low wages and can hire an army to protect them.