Teresa Hanafin writes a delightful daily feature for the Boston Globe called “Fast Forward,” where she summarizes the highlights of the day.

There is no public schedule for the golfing Trump (although he will strictly adhere to his private insult-tweeting routine), so you can amuse yourself with this breathtaking yet accurate report from the pool reporter assigned to write an account of Trump’s speech at that Pennsylvania factory yesterday, a speech that was supposed to be about the manufacturing and energy situation in the US:

In a 67-minute speech that at times resembled a campaign rally, the president meandered through several topics — many having little to do with energy. He talked about trade, immigration, trucks, emoluments, his 2016 victory, union leaders, his poll numbers, the media, steel, China, the amount of money he believes he’s losing as president, the Green New Deal, windmills, the WTO ‘screwing us’, President Obama’s book deal, Hillary Clinton’s comments on coal workers, pipelines and New York, Iran, veterans choice and more.

“While this was listed as an official event, the president regularly drifted into explicit politicking — including asking the thousands gathered to support him in the next election and lobby union leadership to back him. He also mentioned his political mottos ‘Make America Great Again’ and ‘Keep America Great’ and criticized his Democratic rivals using nicknames like ‘Sleepy Joe’.”

Besides the bizarre stream-of-unconsciousness, the latter point raises a red flag: Trump isn’t supposed to campaign for reelection when he is on official government business. But he doesn’t think any rules or laws apply to him. He replaced all of the smart people in the ethics offices with seat-warming lackeys, so he can continue to use as much taxpayer money to subsidize his 2020 campaign as he wants.