Democracy raised its voices in the streets of Puerto Rico, demanding the resignation of the governor of Puerto Rico. He said no. They said yes. He is resigning today, according to this report from CNN:


Puerto Rico’s embattled governor Ricardo Rosselló is expected to resign today after more than a week of protests that have rocked the capital city of San Juan. The dominos began to fall yesterday when Rosselló’s chief of staff handed in his resignation, citing the welfare of his family amid the ongoing unrest. The protests erupted after the publication of offensive group chat messages about Hurricane Maria victims exchanged between the governor and members of his inner circle. However, for demonstrators, the messages were just the last in a long line of offenses. They have also cited government corruption, high poverty rates, crushing debt and a painfully slow recovery after Hurricane Maria crippled the island in 2017. Should Rosselló resign, Puerto Rico Secretary of Justice Wanda Vazquez is expected to take his place.