Linda Lyon served honorably for many years in the U.S. Air Force. She retired with her wife to Arizona where she became involved in the local school board. A strong and forceful person, she eventually was elected president of the Arizona School Board Association. She is a strong advocate for well-funded public schools.

Some weeks ago, she read that the Arizona Chamber of Commerce wanted to hold a Teacher Appreciation Night but 100 teachers in Flagstaff wrote an open letter declining to attend because of the Chamber’s persistent attacks on public schools, their finding, and teachers’ pensions.

Lyon concluded:

These teachers, standing up for those most vulnerable among us, are the real patriots. They know there can be no great democratic republic when there is no educated citizenry and that our public schools are the only ones that can address the problems we face at the scale demanded. Over 90% of America’s K–12 population attends public schools and that is where our singular educational focus should be. No. That is where it MUST be. Yes, to provide an engaged citizenry who can think creatively and determine fact from fiction.

True patriots stand up for our Constitution. Teachers do that every day.