Valerie Strauss investigated the strange case of the charter school that was approved to open in rural Alabama, over the objections of the local mayor and despite the rejection of its proposal by the National Association of Charter School Authorizers. The deed for the building is held by a Utah holding company. The principal is described as “Amy O,” with no last name. The school will be operated by a charter chain based in Sugarland, Texas, whose CEO was co-founder and CEO of the Harmony charter chain. Harmony is widely believed to be a Gulen school, but like all Gulen schools, it claims not to be affiliated with Imam Fethullah Gulen. As a general rule of thumb, schools that have Turkish leaders and a significant number of Turkish teachers working on Hb1 visas are almost certainly Gulen schools.

A charter school in a rural county of 17,000 people in Alabama, built and owned by a Utah holding company, operated by a Turkish CEO from Sugarland, Texas. The locals are scratching their heads. So am I.

This bears watching.