Remember when Republicans believed in local control of public schools? In recent years, they have turned against local control and rejected democracy in their determination to force state control on school districts and promote privatization.

Bill Phillis has led the fight in Ohio to restore democratic control of public schools.


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Repeal of HB 70 (HB 154) passes the House with only 12 opposition votes
HB 154 moved through the House quickly, but not as quickly as HB 70 was passed by the 131stGeneral Assembly. The following Representatives voted against the repeal:
Whereas the public education organizations were in adamant support of the HB 70 repeal, right on cue the Fordham Institute opposed to repeal. A Fordham fellow said the state has an obligation to taxpayers and families. Fordham needs to be concerned about the hundreds of millions of taxpayer funds that have squandered by charters and the tens of thousands of students that have been ill-served by charters.
Enormous pressure must be applied to the Senate to gain support of HB 154. The Governor’s budget contains a mishmash of HB 70 “reform” twaddle allegedly crafted by the State Superintendent. Public comments by some politicians indicate some Senators may prefer some version of the twaddle in the budget proposal.
HB 70 was a colossal mistake and must be repealed entirely.
William L. Phillis | Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy of School Funding ||
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