Governor Gina Raimondo selected the deputy commissioner from New York to lead Rhode Island.  She is a Reformer, already chosen by Jeb Bush’s Chiefs for Change as a future member of their group.


“PROVIDENCE, R.I. — When Gov. Gina M. Raimondo began her search for the state’s next Education Commissioner, her conversations with experts, teachers, and other leaders in the field of education kept coming back to one name: Angelica Infante-Green.

“With a “25-year track record of success” as a “fierce fighter for children,” Infante-Green was nominated as Rhode Island’s next Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education because she’s dedicated her entire career to “ensuring that all students have an opportunity to succeed. And her results in New York City and in New York state speak for themselves,” Raimondo said on Tuesday morning.

“Infante-Green serves as the Deputy Commissioner of the New York State Education Department’s Office of Instructional Support for pre-school through grade 12.

“During her tenure in New York, the state’s graduation rate increased and students made gains on both math and English assessments, while achievement gaps narrowed for black and Latino students. English language arts proficiency for grades 3 through 8 increased by 16 percentage points for black students and 15 percentage points for Latino students between 2015 and 2018. In that same period, math proficiency increased by eight percentage points for black students and seven percentage points for Latino students.

“Infante-Green’s time in New York showcased “consistent improvements in educational outcomes of all students, urban and suburban, rich and poor, inner city, every zip code, every race, every gender, every special need,” the governor said…

”Infante-Green has worked as an adjunct professor, serves on Stanford University’s Understanding Language Committee, and is a member of the first cohort of the Chiefs for Change Future Chiefs program. Her nomination is expected to be considered by the Council on Elementary and Secondary Education and the Board of Education on March 26. If confirmed by the Board, she will be Rhode Island’s first Latina Commissioner of Education, and the state’s first Commissioner of color.”

Her predecessor Ken Wagner held the same position in New York. New York’s NAEP scores have been flat for 20 years. It is typical of Reformers to make grandiose promises but not wise. Think Mike Miles in Dallas, who arrived in Dallas with amazing targets and was booted out three years later, having met none of them and driven out many teachers.