In this excellent post, Arthur Camins makes an important point. Education is not a race or the stock market. Every student should be a winner. 

“Education is not like chess or dice or the stock market. It is not about outsmarting an opponent. So, enough with all the talk about students and schools who excel by beating the odds.

“We don’t need a few more opportunities for students to beat the odds. We need to eliminate odds– a euphemism for inequality– as the primary determinant in whether or not young people get a high quality education. That is a far larger project than choosing schools, designing the right standards and tests, hiring and firing teachers, or giving parents the ability to opt out of struggling local public schools. It is a systemic project, not an individual child project, and just about schools. It is what we need to do. It is what we can do.

“Better yet, we need to drop the gambling metaphor entirely. Getting a high-quality education to prepare for life, work, and citizenship should not be a game of chance. It should be a guaranteed right for all students, regardless of the level of their parent’s income, social status, education background, or race.”