Angie Sullivan is a firebrand on behalf of children in Nevada. She is a first grade teachers in Las Vegas (Clark County), which most people think of in terms of glitz and glamour. But the children she teaches are poor and many barely speak any English. Her school is underfunded. Angie writes frequent email blasts to every legislator and she does not mince words. On April 27, thousands of teachers, parents, and supporters of schools will rally in the streets for more funding for Clark County Schools.

She writes:


Teachers and every person who cares about kids will be in the streets on April 27th.  ❤
And we will let the nation know we are here and have had enough.  ❤
You “Education Experts” who do not believe we have a money problem – stay home. You created this problem   You are the problem  🦠
You are slime.  🦠
Listen up millionaires and billionaires and politicians they have bought.  🦠
Nevada Democrats Susie Lee and Elaine Wynn specifically.    🦠
You are slimy reformers bought to union bust. 🦠
Agassi Hedgefund, Academica, Educate Now, HOPE, Guinn Center, Community in Schools, Nevada Succeeds, TFA, Charter Groups, United Way, Public Education Foundation, TeachPlus, 36 paid lobbyists, choice trash disguise as parent groups, and any other business oriented privatizers I have missed.  🦠
Plus Senators Joyce Woodhouse and Mo Denis.  🦠
All of you have participated in teacher hate and union busting. 🦠
You are terrible and most took money to hurt kids 🦠
What you have done to disenfranchised Vegas kids is horrible.  🦠
What you do with “education reform” is tragic.  🦠
You have purposefully hurt the most vulnerable Vegas students with your sick experiments. 🦠
No one should listen you or anyone like you ever again.  🦠
You have zero real data; just sick experimental invalid research.  🦠
You are a hate driven think tank business promoting machine. 🦠
You are hateful and cruel and inept.  🦠
You have segregated by race, money, and religion.    It is enough.  🦠
The most important person in education is the classroom teacher, folks at the school level, someone working with kids.  ❤
Education is about the teacher. ❤
Every student needs a teacher. ❤
The teacher is there every day.   It is folks in schools who make the magic happen.  ❤
Students do not need a sage on the stage policy maker in snowy Carson City passing out cash to friends.  Spending all the kid money to further their careers. 🦠
We are not your cash cow.  🦠
Yes I’m looking you Aaron Ford and Maggie Carleton. 🦠
The teachers will fix the Nevada schools.   It will NEVER be “reformers” brought in to disrupt.  ❤
It is not you because you do not work or care. 🦠
It will never be you – because you are cheap and cannot find money. 🦠
You hurt us on purpose.  🦠
This is a money problem.   🦠 Vegas Students not had an increase since 2008.  🦠
And teachers and the community will stand up to you now.   ❤
You are the problem.   You are the problem.  🦠
And money buying or taking or giving influence and power is the problem too.  🦠
Everyone is on the take.  🦠
Plenty of money to buy public relations spin but you are not the focal point this time.  🦠
Folks who love kids will demand more.  And we demand it NOW.  ❤

#Solidarity Oakland

#Solidarity Los Angeles

#Solidarity Arizona

#Solidarity West Virginia x 2

#Solidarity Oklahoma

#Solidarity Denver

#Solidarity Illinois

#Solidarity Kentucky

Next up.  #Vegas @JoyceWoodhouse @MoDenisNV @GovSisolak @SuptJaraCCSD #NVleg #Nved #Nvteach

Plenty of cash to print promises which you never keep on campaign flyers.  🦠
Go get your tax break someplace else business folks🦠
And take all your dark “reform money” with you. 🦠
There is not one thing noble about eduphilantrophy which harms at-risk kids 🦠
And shame shame shame on your corruption and horrible policies.  🦠
You have ruined Nevada Education. 🦠
And it stops now.  🦠
Our public schools are underfunded because of you. 🦠
Everyone should be in the streets because you are garbage. 🦠
We have had enough.    You are slime.  🦠
Tell everyone you know . . . these groups are slime and hurt kids.  🦠
Just part of a teacher hating reform machine that hurts the poorest and least among us.  Damaging young people for life so they can declare a corporate profit on a spreadsheet someplace.   🦠
You are sick. 🦠
Nevada Democrats will break every promise they made.  They hate teachers.   They hate kids. That is their record and that is the work of their hands – sand.   🦠
What have they set in motion to fix the gargantuan financial issues we have?   Nothing. 🙄
They give us a penny if we beg for ten years?   🦠
No stage for privatizers, dark money non-profits, and teacher haters.  🦠
Do.   Not.   Ask.   🦠
Tell me to cut from kids one more time.   See what happens.  🦠
No one should put up with any of you ever again.  🦠
Every parent in the valley should demand their child have a fully licensed and prepared teacher, a textbook, a class size of 25 and a safe campus.  🦠
You sickos need to all be removed.  🦠
I am.  Furious.  🦠
#FundOurSchoolsNow ❤