Tom Ultican has awarning for thegreat state of Texas: Protect your public schools and your children!

The Corporate Reformers are coming to Texas to privatize public schools.

Tom has the story here.

The privatizers are landing on Texas because they have failed everywhere else.

They tried to grab Massachusetts in 2016, and got their rear ends kicked out in a referendum they lost overwhelmingly.

They thought they owned New York because of the millions they gave Cuomo, but when the Republicans lost control of the State Senate, the billionaires came up empty.

They got kicked out of Maine and Nevada.

They spent $60 million in California and lost both statewide races.

So why not flood Texas with charter schools?

Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Dan Patrick are Choice supporters but had to forget about vouchers.

No wonder the charter industry, the entrepreneurs and grifters think that Texas is fertile territory for snake oil.