NPE Action endorses David Garcia for Governor of Arizona. The current governor is a disaster, who has done his darndest to destroy public schools.

If you live in Arizona, please vote for David Garcia and vote NO on Prop 305 to stop vouchers.

The Network for Public Education has endorsed David Garcia for Governor of Arizona. David‘s opponent is the present Governor, Doug Ducey. Ducey has systematically attacked public education through defunding public schools and public universities, expanding voucher programs, and pushing the proliferation of charter schools despite numerous scandals, frauds, nepotism, and charter closures.

Among the 50 states and Washington D.C, Arizona received the lowest grade on the Network for Public Education’s and the Schott Foundation’s Privatization Report Card. Arizona’s dismal score is the result of the state’s expansion of privatization, dilution of student civil rights, and the lack of transparency and accountability for charters and vouchers. Ducey is responsible, in great part, for Arizona’s shockingly low rating.

David Garcia, in contrast, has focused on educational improvement during his campaign. He is opposed to PROP 305, the referendum that would expand ESA vouchers, and he is a strong proponent of increased education funding.

Garcia has also made it clear that he stands for reform in the state’s charter school law to eliminate both fraud and profit. Although we would prefer that Garcia call for a charter moratorium, we believe the contrast between the two candidates is so stark that Garcia deserves the vote of every friend of public education in the state.

We also would like to remind our Arizona friends to Vote NO on Proposition 305 that would expand ESA vouchers and rob public schools of much needed funding.

Please vote for David Garcia for Governor and vote AGAINST Prop 305 on November 6.