The growing impact of the assessment reform movement is clear in this week’s clips, many of which reflect a critical perspective on test overuse and misuse. This fall’s elections will play a major role in determining whether new public officials will roll back standardized exam overkill or if the same old officials will continue discredited test-and-punish policies.

Arizona Why Is “D” Rated School Shamed Instead of Helped

Florida Test Score Fixation Causes Concerns for Parents
Florida Late Test Score Reports Delay Grade Promotion Decisions Before School Ends

Georgia Are Test Scores Fair Way to Judge Charters . . . or Any Schools?
Georgia Poverty, Other Social Factors Best Ways to Predict Test Scores

Illinois Test Scores Sunk After Chicago Closed 50 Public Schools

Indiana Schools May Get Two Different Grades This Year

Massachusetts Legislators Cut Exam Funding to Challenge Testing Status Quo
Massachusetts Grading Essays with Computers Sends Wrong Message to Student Writers

New Jersey Due to PARCC Screw-Up, Students Will Be Forced to Take the Exam

New Mexico Legal Action Filed Against Test-Based Teacher Evaluations

New York Schools Chief Criticizes Exam-Based Admission and Screening
New York Teachers Union Blasts Abusive “Tyranny of Testing”
New York Governor Candidate Takes on Test-and-Punish Policies

North Carolina Assess Students’ Knowledge, Not Test-Taking Skills

Ohio Governor’s Defense of Flawed School Grades Blocks Efforts to Kill Them

Tennessee Scores From Computer Test Foul Up Won’t Hurt Teachers
Lawmakers say TNReady test can’t hurt teachers

Texas Testing Service Fined for Computer Exam Glitches
Texas State Waives Test Passing Requirement for Grade Promotion Due to Computer Disruptions

University Abolish Standardized Testing for Undergraduate Admission

International Irish Teachers Letter Launches Discussion of What Tests Really Measure

Worth Reading Lessons From the Test Opt-Out Movement for Curbing School Violence

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