Jamil Smith writes in Rolling  Stone that we are indeed governed by a kakistocracy (the worst people in the nation). Betsy DeVos is living proof of it. She demonstrated what a kakistocracy is when she was interviewed on 60 Minutes.

I worry less about Kim Jong-Un than I do Betsy DeVos. The North Korean dictator, for one, doesn’t have dominion over the educational futures of nearly 51 million elementary and secondary students and countless more in college. Barring a nuclear attack, of course, the wealthy charter-school champion is poised to play a much larger role than Kim will in determining the future of United States. The sophomoric invective he directs at us pales in comparison to the utter disrespect that President Trump demonstrated by nominating her to lead the Department of Education in the first place. To build a United States government of the worst people, one must not merely be amateurish. It requires a special hatred for America to form a kakistocracy

Those who have yet to hear (or sound) the deafening alarms about this administration use words like “polarizing” rather than “dangerous” to describe Trump officials like DeVos, still nurturing notions that this president and his Cabinet can actually operate the franchise they’ve been trusted with. The reality is that the United States is now learning to live without a functional president or government. They are out of ideas, save those that feed the cultural insecurities of their base. “Infrastructure Week” has become a punchline. Puerto Rico has been abandoned, as has Flint. What makes all this worse is that this was the plan, born from Trump’s lack of knowledge, varied bigotries, and intellectual incuriosity. We Americans are on our own, and what we saw Sunday night from DeVos was only a reminder.

No, she is not stupid. She is on a mission to destroy public schools and to replace them with privately managed charter schools and religious schools. She no longer pretends that schools get better when everyone chooses. She wants choice for the sake of choice. This is not about “the children.” It is about a powerful religious ideology that overrides everyone who disagrees, as well as evidence and facts.