Angie Sullivan teaches first grade students in a low income school in Clark County, Nevada. She circulated this letter about the serial failures of the Gates Foundation and the damage done to her students:


Millions of students harmed.

The damage done to public schools most likely unable to be repaired in my career.

Learn a lesson: Billionaires do not teach kids. Money does not teach kids. Businesspersons do not teach kids. Politicians are dumb as dirt on education issues.

Teachers teach kids. Teachers survived this assault. Experience Skilled Teachers grabbed on to all within our reached to save as many as we could. While the community demanded destructive disruption which traumatized Kids. Everyone owes us for not running away while you abused us.

18,000+ CCSD Teachers did not deserve the disrespect and hate heaped on us for two decades. It has to stop.

Teachersare key to education reform, education innovation, and education progressive ideas.

All politicians, union officials, and operatives who took money from “Reformers” should be ashamed. Those folks were selling tricks, gimmicks, and fads. There is no short-cut. Educating children is work and requires resources.

Unfunded mandates do not work. Whipping teachers to improve student scores left scars but did not produce impressive results. We have nothing to teach with. No one has a box of paper. The fads gave us whiplash. It is abusive.

“Good ideas” not based in authentic research and best practice do not work.

Squawking advocates for “choice” squandered more resources than we have in my state to create a worse system in Nevada than we had before. Those “choicers” better get that sinking ship called Nevada Charters under control before they bankrupt the state. The market has spoken – Nevada Charters cannot educate or graduate students as well as the neighborhood schools. Nevada Charters do segregate by race, religion, and money.

Huge huge failures all of the above.

Billions and billions wasted on these scams:

– common core
– abusive teacher evaluation systems
– abusive students evaluation systems
– standardized testing run amuck
– excessive and intrusive data collection on children
– business practice disguised as “education reform”
– segregating and failing charters

The mission of public schools is to create an educated participating citizenship. Hard to measure with a finite test all the different intelligences Teachers are charged with instilling, amplifying, and creating within their students. Citizens should be well-rounded and problem-solving. Nothing a test can measure.

Educating young people is an expense. All parents are well aware that children are an expense. It is an necessary investment in Nevada’s Future.

My students are now and always will be more than a score.

Why don’t you come “interview” me at my school about my “data” again? I dare you.

Find anyone who knows or loves my students more than me.

I weep for the waste. My impoverished language learning kids really needed real resources and they got sand.

Just sand.

Disrespectful blood soaked sand.