Jeremiah Kittredge, one of the leaders of the charter movement, was just terminated as leader of “Families for Excellent Schools.” (FES was banned from Massachusetts for campaign finance violations in the charter referendum of 2016 and fined nearly $500,000.)

Politico writes:

“For years, Jeremiah Kittredge has been a darling of the national charter school movement’s wealthiest and most powerful benefactors.

“Since starting the pro-charter organization Families for Excellent Schools in 2011, he’s courted reform-friendly governors and members of Congress, funded his group with tens of millions of dollars from America’s wealthiest financiers and philanthropic organizations, and emerged as perhaps the closest ally to the country’s most well-known charter school leader, Success Academy CEO Eva Moskowitz.

“That all ended Wednesday, when Bryan Lawrence — a banker who sits on Families for Excellent Schools’ board — blasted out a statement to reporters that Kittredge had been “terminated” following an outside law firm’s investigation into allegations of “inappropriate behavior toward a non-employee.”

“That incident took place last November at a Washington, D.C., hotel during the Philos conference, an annual gathering hosted by Education Reform Now, the policy affiliate of the advocacy organization Democrats for Education Reform, sources tell POLITICO.

“A woman who attended the conference wrote a Facebook post a few weeks afterward, describing an encounter with another conference attendee. Five sources with knowledge of the situation confirmed that the attendee referenced in the post was Kittredge. The sources requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the topic.

“Just three weeks ago, at the single ed reform conference I attend each year, another attendee, a guy much younger than me, sticks his head in my chest, tells me my boobs are supple (seriously? Who uses that word?) and then rides up an elevator with me late at night commenting on how big my boobs are,” the female attendee wrote.”

Who knew that Camp Philos could be so racy, boorish, and stupid? Power corrupts.

Calling Campbell Brown! She made her name complaining about sexual predators in public schools. Now charters need her too.