Ed Doerr of Americans for Religious Liberty wrote this overview of vouchers.

The most enlightening information in this paper appears on page 11, where he lists the 29 State referenda where the issue was spending public money for religious schools.

Every one of them was defeated.

Voucher proponents like to say that the unions (those evil unions) outspent the voucher advocates, but note that vouchers were defeated even in non-union states. The claim is ridiculous on its face since billionaires like the DeVos family, the Waltons, and the Koch Brothers support vouchers.

The paper should be updated to show how Vouchers have been adopted insidiously in states where the Constitution and the voters oppose them, like Florida.

This explains why privatizers are terrified of referenda. They know they can’t win. The public opposes vouchers. The only way they get adopted is when wealthy donors buy legislators or pour millions into the campaigns of religious zealots.