You might enjoy reading this very informative article in Esquire magazine about the Sackler family.

This is one of the richest families in America, and their name is attached to museums and universities, to perpetuate their philanthropy and greatness.

Their fortune is built on the success of Oxycontin, the painkiller to which many people have become addicted.

Fifty thousand people die per year because of their addiction to Oxycontin.

The Sacklers are also very generous contributors to charter schools.

They funded ConnCAN, and they funded 50CAN. Both organizations demand more privatization of public schools for the benefit of charter operators.

A member of the Sackler family made a movie called “The Lottery,” celebrating the Success Academy charter schools. A great big advertisement.

One of the Sacklers also invested in AltSchool, the faltering attempt to reimagine school as a high-tech environment.

Someday, as the deaths are added up, family members of the deceased may start picketing the museums and universities to take the Sackler name off buildings.