Joe Dtrauss, Speaker of the House in Texas, recently announced that he was stepping down. This heartened the radical right wingers in the legislature because Strauss had repeatedly blocked vouchers and almost singlehandedly stopped passage of a bill about transgender bathrooms. He was known as a moderate who was business friendly. The rightwing ideologues are salivating at the chance to take control.

Christopher Hooks, who wrote this article for The Texas Observer, says that Strauss has not ruled out running for another Office. Governor? We can only hope.

With the demographics of Texas changing and the state becoming increasingly multiracial, the reactionary white faction can’t hold on to power indefinitely. It is only a matter of time until Hispanics and blacks flex their political muscle and win key offices in the state. In the meanwhile, it would be amazing if Joe Strauss took on Governor Gregg Abbott and put together a ticket that sent reactionary Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, the voucher zealot, back to running his radio talk show.