In Illinois, Republicans refused to pass legislation to fund public schools unless Democrats agreed to addd $75 million for vouchers for religious schools.

Governor Rauner, who loves charter schools and hates public schools, was happy to go along. So was Democratic Speaker Mike Madigan, who fell in love with the scandal-ridden Gulen charters after several free trips to Turkey. (Now that the government of Turkey wants to imprison Imam Fetullah Gulen for sponsoring a coup attempt, there are not likely to be any more Gulen-paid trips to Turkey.)

Chicago Tribune writer Eric Zorn describes the secretive deal to funnel money to religious schools here.

Zorn will wait and see what happens but it is already well known that most of the money will be spent on children already attending private and religious schools.

What a disgrace!

This is a victory for Betsy DeVos and Trump.