I am really tired of hearing politicians say we must “unite” the country. They claim to know how to bridge the divisions. No, they don’t and they can’t.

When I see white men (and a few white women) marching with torches and chanting hateful slogans; when I see them threatening blacks and Jews and others they hate; when I see the president saying that these marchers and charters include “many very fine people,” I know that unity is impossible.

This is the most talked-about video on Charlottesville.

There are no grounds for unity with self-proclaimed Nazis and KKK.


They have free speech rights. But their hateful views must be exposed, condemned, and vilified.

We can turn the other cheek, but we must not let their views multiply, because they are inherently divisive and destructive. When they rally, surround them with reminders and symbols of what we believe, what American soldiers have fought and died for: freedom, equality, democracy, justice for all, the equal worth and dignity of all people.

Do not meet their violence with violence, as that is the confrontation they hope for.

Meet their vehemence with decency and courtesy, as this young woman in Boston did.

Meet their violence with swift justice.

We can never unify with those who hate our ideals.