The New York Times doesn’t like Trump. On Sunday it ran a page-long editorial on his failed presidency.

On Monday, columnist Charles Blow tore Trump apart as a man without a moral core.He might have added that he is a man with no knowledge of history, no curiosity about the world, no patience for listening and learning. In short, he is totally unfit–by temperament, intellect, and experience–to be president.

Blow wrote:

“We are leaderless. America doesn’t have a president. America has a man in the White House holding the spot, and wreaking havoc as he waits for the day when a real president arrives to replace him.

“Donald Trump is many things — most of them despicable — but the leader of a nation he is not. He is not a great man. Hell, he isn’t even a good man.

“Donald Trump is a man of flawed character and a moral cavity. He cannot offer moral guidance because he has no moral compass. He is too small to see over his inflated ego.

“Trump has personalized the presidency in unprecedented ways — making every battle and every war about his personal feelings. Did the person across the street or around the world say good or bad things about him? Does the media treat him fairly? Is someone in his coterie of corruption outshining him or casting negative light on him?

“His interests center on the self; country be damned.

“What some have always known about Trump, others are slowly coming to realize, and with great shock and horror. The presidency is revealing the essence of the man and that essence is dark.”

Getting through this next three years and five months a test of our nation. Can we survive with a president who is a malignant narcissist, ignorant about foreign and domestic policy, motivated solely by self-aggrandizement?