Congratulations to Save Our Schools Arizona!

You did it!

Save Our Schools Arizona collected enough signatures across the state to block implementation of the legislature’s expansion of vouchers. SOS needed 75,000 signatures and gathered 100,000.

“A law expanding Arizona’s school-voucher program was put on hold Tuesday after foes delivered 111,540 signatures to the secretary of state in hopes of giving voters the final say on whether the controversial measure should stand.

“Save Our Schools Arizona, a volunteer group that formed in opposition to Republicans’ expansion of the Empowerment Scholarship Account program, said it gathered the signatures from public-education supporters across the state who oppose using tax dollars for private-school tuition and are critical of the program’s lack of transparency.

“Supporters transported the petitions to the Capitol in 76 bankers boxes using a yellow school bus and a red wagon.

“To refer Senate Bill 1431 to the November 2018 ballot requires 75,321 valid signatures.

“The law’s implementation was immediately put on hold while the secretary of state evaluates whether Save Our Schools has met that threshold, a process that could take until the beginning of October.

“The bill made all 1.1 million Arizona students eligible to apply for the program, which grants tax dollars to parents for private school tuition or other education expenses. While broadening eligibility, the bill capped the number of recipients at 30,000 by 2022.

“Prior to expansion — which Gov. Doug Ducey and GOP lawmakers narrowly muscled through the Legislature in April — the program had been limited to certain students, including those with special needs, in poor-performing schools, or from military families.

“For now, the law is stayed,” state Elections Director Eric Spencer told members of the group.”