Earlier this evening I received a comment from a staunch Trump supporter claiming that Natalia Vesnilskaya was a Democratic Party plant, and the whole story about Donald Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort meeting with her was part of a well-planned plot to embarrass the President.

I was puzzled, since it did not seem consonant with reality. After all, the meeting was arranged by a trusted Trump family friend, Rob Goldstone, who also attended.

And then I read this story at CNN. This is the new Grand Explanation about why the top campaign team was meeting with Russians and expecting to get dirt on Hillary. The whole scenario was cooked up by Democrats to embarrass Trump six months into his term of office. Loretta Lynch approved Vesilnaskaya’s visa. She was a friend of Obama’s Ambassador Michael McFaul. This was entrapment, cleverly carried out in June 2016 and never mentioned until now.

The story has been picked up and circulated by the Drudge Report and other members of the rightwing media.

None of it is true, but that doesn’t matter. It gives Trump supporters a way of blaming the Democrats for the trouble Don Jr. and Jared are in. It is fake news.